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Safety measures

Skylight domes and rooflights must provide fall-through protection – except in the structural cases referred to in Section 41 (2) of the Building Regulation for North Rhine-Westphalia and Section 7 (3) (2.1) of the Working Guideline.

Fall-through protection can also be achieved at a later date by surfacing with KEMPEROL FALLSTOP.

Hail resistance increased by up to 3 classes

KEMPEROL FALLSTOP passed the “simulated hailstorm test using ice-pellets” with flying colours. Skylights domes from various manufacturers were tested. Depending on the model and type of skylight dome, the hail resistance increases by up to 3 classes. KEMPEROL FALLSTOP thus helps to reduce property damage and business interruption losses. KEMPEROL FALLSTOP surfaced skylight domes enhance protection against water damage for production plants, engineering workshops, garages and offices.

Fire class E and no flaming droplets

According to DIN EN 13501-1, KEMPEROL FALLSTOP meets all the requirements of fire class E; this corresponds to the German building authority designation “normal flammability”. It was also tested whether KEMPEROL FALLSTOP would form flaming droplets in the event of a fire. The test results show that there are no flaming droplets.

Easy and cost-effective application

Besides other safety measures, KEMPEROL FALLSTOP is a simple and cost-effective alternative for the subsequent protection of skylight domes. The safety measures can be taken during ongoing operations; it is not necessary to block off sales and production areas.

The single-component, ready-to-use, polyurethane-based surfacing is UV and weather resistant, flexible and shockproof. Measurements showed that the bluish transparent surfacing only reduced the level of light transmission by approx. 4.5%.


KEMPEROL FALLSTOP comes with a 5+5+5 year warranty. Please refer to the warranty conditions for surfacing skylight domes with KEMPEROL FALLSTOP for the exact conditions. On the recommendation of experts, the Central Association of German Roofing Contractors and the Employers’ Liability Insurance Association of the Construction Industry (BG Bau), we introduced a documentation requirement at the beginning of 2015. Through professional and legally secure handling, we have managed to strengthen the trust in KEMPEROL FALLSTOP and give you, our customers, the security you need.

A 5+5 year warranty is given to all customers who submit the fully completed KEMPEROL FALLSTOP construction site form for 5+5 years to our Technical/Warranty department – provided that professional application can be assured on the basis of this form. We will then send you a building-specific certificate “5+5 year warranty” for the developer. The KEMPEROL FALLSTOP construction site form for 5+5 years can be found under Downloads. Without the construction site form, the prescribed warranty period naturally applies.

All customers receive a further 5 year warranty if the following points are met:
  • The warranty certificate 5+5 years has been issued.
  • Proof of annual maintenance, according to the warranty terms and conditions, has been provided to the Warranty department.
  • Each skylight dome surfaced with KEMPEROL FALLSTOP is inspected by a KEMPER SYSTEM employee and the contractor.
  • The skylight domes are undamaged.
  • New surfacing is applied to the skylight dome, including the green KEMPEROL FALLSTOP seal.
  • The completed construction site form for the KEMPEROL FALLSTOP 5+5+5 year warranty has been provided.
  • A maintenance contract has been concluded.

Product information

Product description
KEMPEROL FALLSTOP is a ready-to-use, transparent surfacing system. Fully tested to specification GS BAU 18 for fall-through protection.

Application areas
Transparent surfacing system for establishing fall-through protection at standard weathered and non-weathered skylight domes made from PMMA, PC, PETG, GRP (also suitable for SHEV skylight domes) that have been installed professionally on a skylight base.

Standard colours
bluish transparent / shiny

1.6 kg/m2. The material must be applied evenly in four steps (each approx. 400 g/m2).

At +23°C and max. 50% rel. humidity:

  • workability time 30 minutes

  • rainproof after 4 hours

  • fall-through proof after approx. 7 days

  • fully cured after 7 days

  • can receive the next coat after approx. 4 hours

Pack sizes
5 kg bucket

Further information on KEMPEROL FALLSTOP

Please contact us for direct consultation or further information on KEMPEROL FALLSTOP!

Anja Köhler
+49 (0) 561 8295 5116



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All quantities and times are approximate and without guarantee. For color specifications, absolute RAL match can not be guaranteed.