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Easy application

The application of KEMPERDUR LASI is simple and fast, with only three steps. The coating is applied easily using a nylon roller, then scattered and sealed. You do not need specially trained personnel but can simply let your own employees handle the application. 

Convincing friction coefficients through DEKRA certification

KEMPERDUR LASI is certified according to Euro standard DIN EN 12195-1 with a friction coefficient of 0.87 μD (Euro pallet on dry loading area) and 0.89 μD (Euro pallet on wet loading area). The friction items tested included Euro pallets, disposable wooden pallets, plastic pallets, IBCs and mesh pallet boxes. 

Solvent-free, highly abrasion-resistant and extremely resilient

The liquid coating system KEMPERDUR LASI is solvent-free, highly abrasion-resistant and extremely resilient. The surface coated with KEMPERDUR LASI can even be driven over by a forklift truck and can withstand heavy loads. It is highly abrasion-resistant and therefore keeps your load in place. 

Ready for use after 24 hours

The sealed surface can be walked on after only 16 hours. After 24 hours the coating is fully loadable and the loading area is ready for use again. This means that you do not have to suffer long downtimes for your commercial vehicle and can quickly resume your day-to-day business. 

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