Product information

Application areas
Non-slip wearing course for balconies, (roof) terraces, covered walkways and paths.

At +23°C and max. 50% rel. humidity:  

  • rainproof after 3 hours
  • fully cured after 7 days
  • Light-fast
  • UV resistant


  • First layer: 300 g/m² KEMPERDUR Deko Transparent 
  • Scattering: 4 kg/m² KEMPERDUR CQ 0408
  • Top seal: 400 g/m² KEMPERDUR Deko Transparent

Standard colours
ottled grey, mottled anthracite quartz sand

Pack sizes

  • 25 kg bags KEMPERDUR CQ 0408 Colour Quartz
  • 5 kg container KEMPERDUR Deko Transparent

ETA 03/0025, ETA 03/0026, ETA 03/0043, ETA 03/0044 



All quantities and times are approximate and without guarantee. For color specifications, absolute RAL match can not be guaranteed.