Important notice

When using the combination of substrate, primer and waterproofing mentioned in the table, minimum tensile adhesive strength requirements to standard ETAG 005 (50 kPa) were fulfilled in the laboratory under laboratory conditions. All results were determined under laboratory conditions. They cannot be applied to every application.

Liability for practical applicability cannot assumed. We therefore recommend carrying out application tests whenever necessary. We reserve the right to make technical changes within the scope of further development. In all other respects our General Terms and Conditions shall apply.

The test results listed above were determined under standard conditions (23°C and 50% relative humidity). For a binding assessment, corresponding values on the construction-specific conditions, such as different application, environmental and weather conditions, are necessary. These can only be determined in a binding manner on the basis of an adhesive bond test on site (test area).

Our latest application guidelines must always be observed.

Observe the “4-property rule”

To guarantee reliable adhesion of KEMPEROL, always observe the “4-properties rule” for the substrate; meaning it must demonstrate four properties. 

Another prerequisite is prior cleaning and possible roughening of all surfaces using KEMCO MEK. Bitumen coated with PE film or bitumen rubber surfaces should first be carefully flamed with a torch to achieve good adhesion.

  1. solid
  2. even
  3. dry
  4. stable