177 skylight domes surfaced with KEMPEROL FALLSTOP

Siemens had a total of 177 skylight domes surfaced with the fall-through protection system KEMPEROL FALLSTOP at the company’s facility in Nuremberg at the end of 2015. On 13 different building roofs, the light elements, some of which were 30 years old, were surfaced on site. KEMPEROL FALLSTOP is a permanently elastic and polyurethane-based skylight dome surfacing. The material is UV and weather resistant, flexible and shockproof. KEMPER SYSTEM is therefore entitled to use and display the test mark of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGVU) with the additional specification “Fall Through Proof” for the product. Skylight domes are one of the most accident-prone features of roofs with waterproofing systems. Preventive protective measures ensure traffic safety and prevent the risk of a potentially fatal fall from height. Fall-through protection systems are “life insurance policies” that reduce the risk for life and limb.

Detailed overview of application

The skylight domes to be surfaced must be free of damage (holes, cracks). Old and weathered skylight domes must first be cleaned carefully with water and a scrubbing brush. Then the skylight domes must be cleaned thoroughly using a lint-free cloth and KEMPERTEC FALLSTOP Cleaner. The cleaner has to flash off (approx. 15 minutes) before surfacing of the skylight dome can commence. When applying KEMPERTEC FALLSTOP to skylight domes with a frame, the top surface of the frame also has to be fully surfaced.

Roughly 1.6 kg/m² of KEMPERTEC FALLSTOP is applied evenly to the skylight dome in four work steps. The layer thickness of the unsurfaced skylight dome can be measured with an ultrasonic measuring device to establish a comparative value (before and after measurement). 

KEMPEROL FALLSTOP is stirred. The calculated amount of required material per work step is weighed individually and precisely for the square metre size of the skylight dome. Surfacing is performed using a foam roller in a criss-cross fashion. The self-levelling material is applied evenly and without bubbles.

The product is also applied evenly to the edge of the skylight dome. The amount of material applied must be checked at the end of each work step with the KEMPERTEC V4A Measuring Comb. Depending on the weather conditions, KEMPEROL FALLSTOP is rainproof and can receive the next coat after approx. four hours. The described surfacing procedure is repeated three times. Prior to application of the fourth coat, the KEMPEROL® FALLSTOP seal displaying the name, company and date is affixed and then sealed with KEMPEROL FALLSTOP. The “fall-through proof” skylight dome is thus clearly recognisable at all times. The material is fully cured and provides fall-through protection after seven days.