Clean, safe, invisible waterproofing for a canteen kitchen

The task of a waterproofing membrane is to shield the building fabric against the permeation of moisture and thus to protect it against long-term damage. Waterproofing systems for industrial kitchens and canteens must meet specific requirements. For reasons of hygiene, the floors and walls are regularly cleaned with water and disinfectant. Kitchens are, therefore, equipped with a floor drainage system and are basically always waterproofed, irrespective of whether the floors and walls are tiled or not. A particular challenge is the released fatty acids that are deposited on all the surfaces. Without reliable waterproofing, these acids will attack cement-based materials, such as concrete, and steel reinforcements, causing extensive and costly damage to the structure of the building.

In a newly installed canteen in Hamburg, 600 m² of floor and wall areas were waterproofed with KEMPEROL 2K-PUR. Work was carried out in conjunction with tiling. The system used in this project has received a general test certificate (AbP). The odourless KEMPEROL 2K-PUR is solvent free and can be used indoors without additional ventilation measures. As it is cold applied and in liquid form, all critical joints and details, such as the existing inlets and drains and all other connections, are homogeneously incorporated in the seamless waterproofing.

A system with test certificate

The first step was to prime the concrete floor with KEMPERTEC EP Primer, which was then covered with a layer of KEMPERTEC Natural Quartz NQ 0408. The primer optimises the bond between the substrate and the waterproofing system on absorbent substrates. As the system has only limited alkaline resistance, the cured surface was again coated with a primer gritted with natural quartz. This indispensable protection against alkalinity prevents the waterproofing being attacked by alkaline substances. In order to optimise the protective function of the permanently elastic waterproofing, especially in the critical connection areas, a double layer of reinforcing fleece was incorporated in the waterproofing. After the liquid applied waterproofing had cured, the tilers applied a levelling layer based on KEMPERTEC MT Tile Adhesive into which the tiles were then embedded.

The use of KEMPEROL 2K-PUR in combination with KEMPERTEC EP Primer and KEMPERTEC MT Tile Adhesive has received a general test certificate “Bonded Waterproofing”.