KEMPEROL now also protects the platform roof of the largest railway station in Miskolc. In 2016, the State Railway Company of Hungary began with the repair of the first construction phase. The contract for waterproofing a total of 2,600 square metres went to Enterol, a long-standing KEMPEROL partner. Very strict safety rules applied to the work, as it took place in the direct vicinity of a high-voltage line and with permanent train traffic.

Concave roof construction

The roof structure consists of individual, interconnected, square reinforced concrete elements. Each element is concavely curved and is supported by a central buttress. To protect the building fabric and extend the life of the structure, long-term waterproofing is essential. And this is where KEMPEROL comes into play: It was applied over the entire surface with the solvent-free KEMPERTEC EP-Primer, an epoxy resin product before the KEMPEROL 2K-PUR Primer was applied. The completion of the 2nd construction phase, a further 2,750 sqm, will take place this year. This is how an extraordinary KEMPEROL project comes to a successful conclusion.